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Bold 02-03-2017

Drink Dress       $440 for the evening plus $200 / hour for the model

Circus Mayhem - Duo

(1) 45 min of stilts, (2)  10-minute partner acro sets and (1)10 minute set of circus random (juggling, contortion, hand balancing, rolla bola).  $1,500.00 for both performers 2 hours

LED Hoops and Dragon Staff  $315 per hour

Girl In Rolling Bubble  $375 per hour comes with safety tech

Stilt Walker    $220 / hour solo

Aerial Performer   

I see it working great with a Lyra (aerial hoop) or corde lisse (rope).  Ambient. $1250 first hour, $1,000 per additional. $450 for a portable rig if needed.

Fire Performers  $425/ hour with fire safety

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