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We appreciate your raves! 

"She picked the band before she picked her man..."

"We had heard US Beat several years ago and absolutely love them.  When my daughter got engaged, US Beat was the first thing booked!  I like to say that" she picked the band before she picked her man" They are one of the best bands I have ever heard. They are very tight and professional but friendly as well."


–  Carla B., Mother of Bride

"Married life is great!!! :)))"


“All I can say is after our first 3 dances, there were guests that immediately got on the dance floor. They left their salads behind to dance, then eventually went back when they were served their entree. The dance floor was never empty...From the youngest guests around 28 years to the oldest of 76 years, everyone absolutely loved the band. A coworker who is 45 years told me 2 weeks after the wedding (& honeymoon) "Wow, what a great band you had at your wedding! They played a good variety - something for everyone."


– S. Ryan, Bride

"They exceeded all my expectations, and made our day better than I could've imagined!"


“Friends and family are still talking about how great they did. I would recommend them a million times over, and if we could do it all over again, I would just wish it could've lasted longer. They were incredible!"


– J. Binnicker

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