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Sound Advice...Ehhh?

Have you ever wondered about sound? For example - why do sirens sound different as they move away from you? Why does your voice seem so different on a recording? Perhaps you remember back to 3rd grade, learning about sound waves and frequency and the like.

Clients often have a particular “sound” in mind for their event, but a number of factors can cause you to get something very different than what you expect. Maybe you love the idea of a violin player serenading your walk down the aisle, like in a movie...only to find your music quite literally blowing away in the wind. Perhaps you want a jazz trio to help engage people and liven up your event. But tucked into a corner behind 200 guests, the only sound anyone can hear is the ice machine and Fred from the Southwest Regional Office.

At Event Performance, we know how critical sound can be. We have a thorough knowledge of venues and know what it will take to get the sound and feel you are going for. We work with each of our clients to not only learn exactly what they want, but also to advise and educate them on options for different instrumentation, setup, placement, and sound reinforcement. You can be sure that you will get the best sounding results for your event, no matter what your venue’s size.

And that is music to everyone’s ears.

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