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Your Wedding Elements

Here are the items you should be thinking about to make sure your wedding is perfectly covered.

Rehearsal Dinner

The Rehearsal Dinner is a kick off for the overall wedding experience. Reach outside the box here. Provide some casual contrast to the formality of the next day’s schedule. Create a fun theme and get your guests involved . Try something with exotic intrigue or with homespun simplicity.

The palette is open. Ask us to help.  Tell us about your guests. We have great ideas.


Imagine your dream ceremony. What do you see? What sounds do you hear? What scents are in the air? How do you feel?  It is YOUR day.  

Choose Sophisticated Elegance, Embrace Traditional Formality, Try a European Flair, Pick an Asian Twist, Select Coastal Comfort. The choices are unlimited. You decide. 


Describe the storyline and the scene, and we’ll help you cast it perfectly, and…you're on your own for the co-star.

Cocktail Hour

The ceremony is over, in most cases, and you want to refocus your friends into a socially interactive mode. Choose an ambience and create the mood. We’ll help. Support active mingling with a background that sets a relaxed tone.You can always add some strolling musicians or an exciting performance highlight. Create your own unique mark here if you like. It is superb place to try something novel.Ask us for some thoughts.


And Away We Go...

Now you can really show your friends and family how much you appreciate them. Create memories that will last a lifetime. Provide an outstanding environment. Feed them well, and lavish them with fun from start to finish.Use a theme if you like. Make it universally appealing. Create any kind of atmosphere. Focus on what you think your friends will really respond to. Let your party absorb and transport your guests into a lasting experience.

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